Dropping Lambda

Shriram Krishnamurthi, that bad boy of the Scheme community, announced today (April 1) that PLT Scheme plans on removing LAMBDA from PLT Scheme 3.0.

So I posted this note:

A group of us are pretty upset that the PLT Scheme Team has announced plans to drop LAMBDA from PLT Scheme v300.

We agree that dropping FILTER and MAP is a good idea, although for different reasons. We think that (filter P S) is almost always written more clearly as:

(((lambda (f)
((lambda (x) (f (x x)))
(lambda (x) (f (lambda (y) ((x x) y))))))
(lambda (f)
(lambda (r)
(if (null? r) '()
(if (p (car r))
(cons (car r) (f (cdr r)))
(f (cdr r))))))) s)

So, we are announcing that we will be forking the PLT Scheme codebase, into a new project, tentatively named "Lorenzo's Oil." Version 1 will remove MAP, etc. We expect Version 2 to further cleanse the language. We are embarrassed, for example, that we left in the IF statements.

-- The Lorenzo's Oil Team

So, are you in, or are you out?


Blogger Will said...

It should have been "Alonzo's Oil."

4/06/2005 08:50:00 AM  

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